DOWD, BLOCH, BENNETT CERVONE AUERBACH & YOKICH concentrates its practice in the areas of labor, employee benefit funds and employment law. It represents a large number of labor unions and benefit funds in both the private and public sectors. The firm is counsel or co-counsel to many jointly-trusteed fringe benefit trust funds and its attorneys have substantial experience in virtually all aspects of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, which governs such funds. The firm’s attorneys provide general counseling and representation to labor unions in all areas of their activity, including negotiations, organizing, litigation in federal and state courts at the trial and appellate levels, unfair labor practice and representation proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board and state labor relations agencies, and arbitration. Clients include international, local, and intermediate level unions in the construction, transportation, manufacturing, service, and public sectors. The firm also represents individual employees seeking to enforce their rights to pension, disability or other employee benefits, seeking reinstatement to positions from which they have been wrongfully terminated, and negotiating employment agreements or severance packages. The firm’s attorneys have broad experience in federal and state constitutional law and in the various laws dealing with civil rights, fair labor standards, employee benefits and retaliatory discharge. The firm accepts a limited number of contingent fee and pro bono cases.





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